Iceplant cultivation

What is “Tsuburina”?

Glittery and Crunchy Stalks! Tasty.
New Healthy Vegetable with inherent salty taste.

“Tsuburina” is a new type of vegetable, Commonly known as Ice-plant.
Cultivated carefully in our vertical farm by using Triple-band technology.
Totally controlled enviroment made possible to provide with no pesticide use, less bacteria, stable quality and taste.

Tsuburina commit to our customer “Safety” “Secure” and High functionality, through our corporate phillosophy of “From agriculture to life science”

Tsuburina contains a functional ingredient called inositol group,
by recent research figured, Inositol is known with a possibility to affect the rise of blood glucose level.

Tsuburina gataharing it’s attention from those who are considerating their health, by it’s taste and functionallity.
Getting popular as a vegetable form dietary supplement and can be easily incorporated into your favourite daily dishes.

The Bubble shape things on the surface of Tsuburina is known as Bladder cells.
It has a function to isolate and store minerals include salt by Osmotic pressure,
and contains a lot of nutrients and minerals.

They are beautifully and rapidly growing with our controllerd environment.
and it seems they slowly growing gems on surface, until they reach to our customer.

Left:Stalk of Tsuburina
Upper right:Close-up of the stalk
Lower right:Further close-up of the stalk (bladder cells)

Nutrient composition of Tsuburina

  • Inositols
    Myo-inositol: Helps in neutral fat suppression, Pinitol: Effective in controlling blood sugar level
  • Beta-carotene
    Anti-oxidizing substance to remove free radicals with enzyme; effective in cancer prevention
  • Vitamin K
    Essential for normal blood coagulation as well as for deposition of calcium in bones
  • Proline
    One of the 20 important amino acids, natural moisturizing ingredient, a constituent of collagen

Appeal of Tsuburina

Stable Production

  • Stable production throughout the year is possible because Tsuburina is cultivated indoors while maintaining the most suitable environment (for the ice plant).
  • Rigorous control of cultivation environment and quality is ensured.
For normal ice plant cultivation

Its growth slows as temperature increases, and the leaves wither and the ice plant acquires an acidic taste. The flowers bloom in July, but the ice plant cannot be shipped at that time. Shipment of the ice plant is from November to June.

Stable Quality

  • Characterized by crunchy stalks and good, salty taste.
  • The top of a head contains more nutrients than found in large leaves. Therefore, only the top is delivered in packs.
  • Indicates nutrition facts.
    The content of inositols (pinitol), beta-carotene, etc. is analyzed in-house at regular intervals.
For normal ice plant cultivation

Its taste depends on the cultivation technology adopted.
Unsuitable cultivation technology may adversely affect the taste of the ice plant: for example, “not salty”, “too acidic taste”, etc.

Safety and Security

  • No pesticides are used.
    Thus, no residual pesticides are detected at all.
  • Neither heavy metals nor radioactivity is detected in the test.
    The number of general bacteria at harvesting time is approximately 1/10,000 that of soil-cultured vegetables. Thus, the life is long.
For normal ice plant cultivation

In soil cultivation of the ice plant, the ice plant sucks up heavy metals (cadmium, etc.). Thus, soil analysis is required. In addition, pest control is required.

Tsuburina in dishes

Glittery appearance and crunchy texture.
present and salty tastes of Tsuburina fits many types of dishes from salads, desserts, and your own favourite dishes.

Nutrition Facts

(per 100g)


Nutritional comparisons

Tsuburina is widely available in market, Stable taste and high nutrients Ice-plants are cultivating using our environment control technology at our Vertical farm 24/7.

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