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Case Studies

Company A (Nara-Pref)

Total gross area
Approx, 180m2
Frill ice(Lettuce), Yamato-mana(Local vegetable)
Daily productivity
500 heads/day

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Company D (Ehime-Pref)

Total gross area
Seedling plugs
Daily productivity
Approx, 3000 plugs/day

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Life Science Business

We have pursued the development of the market where only the Vertical Farming can obtain. The possibility of a Vertical Farming is not only to produce vegetables constantly, but also to control the environment to produce high value added products.
We believe that is possible to maximize the characteristics of the plant and to increase the content of specific ingredients.
Advanced-Agri have been researching the cultivation technic of specified crops called "Ice-plants" for many years and succeeded in increasing the functional ingredients calls Pinitol by controlling the growing environment.
In parallel of developing dietary supplement called Glacitol using an Iceplant with increased functional ingredients.
We will continue to research the value of crops that only plant factories can produce, and mainly focusing on how to use it more effectively.

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Organic Business

In parallel with exploring the utility value of the Vertical Farming, we are advancing health food business, tea business,natural made coloring materials business based on the corporate philosophy of "Science of health and beauty".
We believe that ingredients derived from vegetables are the most reliable for consumers compared to synthetic colorants and chemically synthesized foods.
At our company, we investigate the characteristics of plants, utility value, functional ingredients by environmental control in the Vertical Farming in Japan, At the same time we produce agricultural raw materials at organic farmland by contract farmers in Laos ,Our produced organic raw materials are sterilized and crushed by our proprietary technology at our processing laboratory, and are currently used by many customers as organic and natural made coloring agents.

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Science of Beauty and health from Agriculture

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