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Company A (Nara-Pref)

In cooperation with handicap welfare services we are searching for new business that is closely tied to local, The work content is simple and stable, and local special vegetables can also be produced.
Considering the daily production of 500 heads of lettuce and the construction of facilities within the budget, we focused on the container type cultivator of Nihon Advanced Agri. , it is unnecessary to build the building and the insulation is also solid, so the container type cultivation system can be used without having to newly construct such facilities It was really effective to a cost cut. Currently it has succeeded in creating 5 new jobs as a welfare institution and works vigorously with vegetables growing healthily.

Basic information

Total gross area
Approx, 180m2
Frill ice(Lettuce), Yamato-mana(Local vegetable)
Daily productivity
500 heads/day


Company Information

Science of Beauty and health from Agriculture

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