Develop functional food ingredients.

In Advanced-Agri, We use our vegetable factories system and our research laboratory to research from functional ingredients in various herbs/vegetables to development of dietary supplement.

We are heavily interest to Ayurveda herbs which is often uses for healthcare and anti-aging as preventive medicine.

We have been researching various plants such as rosemary, holy basil and butterfly pea to research growth speed and functional ingredients as well as cultivation technic to increase those ingredients.
In Ayurveda, Holy Basil is known as “elixir of immortality”

we have been researching four major kinds of Holy Basil (Krishna, Bana, Llama species etc.) to analysis of the content of Oleanolic acid, Ulsolic acid and β-calylylene as their functional ingredients. As well as researching of carnosic acid contents in Rosemary by different cultivation method.

We analyze the physiological activity and ingredient dynamics of natural ingredients and use vegetable factories in the research of functional ingredient raw materials in the philosophy of “Science of health and beauty”

Butterfly pea

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Develop functional food ingredients

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Science of Beauty and health from Agriculture

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