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Company G (Miyagi-Pref)

We started agriculture as a new business and 10 years have passed.
In the beginning, we tried no-chemical farming but could not control under attacks of harmful insects and radically changing weather, and we realized that manual operation could not achieve stable production. Then, there was an opportunity to join the consortium held by NAA by chance to study vertical farming system, and found the potential of functional plants and stress loading cultivation system.
How to load the adequate stress each growth stage, how to save energy costs, how to place LEDs for optimum growth, these are NAA窶冱 proprietary technique to produce plants with abundant healthy components in vertical farming system. Now, one of local medicinal plant Tsurumurasaki is growing well under NAA窶冱 vertical farming system.

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Total cultivation area [Plant can sit]
Tsurumurasaki, Leaf mustard and other leafy crops.


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Science of Beauty and health from Agriculture

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