Triple-band Technology

Triple-band Technology

Triple-band Grow light,The differences

The Triple-band Grow light series uses an LED package with a new technology. 

New single architecture LED chip with one single blue peak LED and Two phosphor, has wider wavelength range than the conventional light source and has specific wavelength ratio.

General Grow light normally does not contain green spectrums
and conventional Red/Blue light are bad at plant visibillity, and it’s hard to inspect your plant health without any other general light source.

As we consider about the working environment in the vertical farm, It’s not hard to imagine Employees doesn’t want to work in Purple hue environment 5 days a week.

Triple-band covers two absorption peaks of Chlorophyll A and B in Red/Blue wavelength and sufficient amount of Green wavelength, It made possible to achieve a perfect balance of visibility and Efficient plant growth.

Great Visibility,Sufficient Growth


Average weight comparison


Currently, the market for plant grow lights is rapidly growingWhat is the main difference of over 100 kinds of commercial LED Grow light? The main difference is the shape and functionality of the enclosure, light intensity and price, but the point that our light source differs most from other companies is its wavelength. It is possible to generate three or more wavelength peaks from single chip by using our specified phosphor technology rather than a single color chip combination commonly seen in other companies. Also, the ratio of the wavelength can be freely changed by blending the phosphor.Our Triple-band technology, unlike the case of using a single color chip, it is possible to evenly irradiate the entire plant canopy with a uniform wavelength.


We have been managing plant factories with fluorescent lamps before LEDs become common. After that, we switched from a fluorescent lamp to a light source called HEFL (Hybrid Electrode Fluorescent Lamp), changed the wavelength by blending phosfer, We have been developing as a research and business for over 10 years the cultivation superiority in the difference of wavelength. Based on these past know-how, our Triple-band technology is the answer we arrived as a result of considering the importance of not only red and blue but also other wavelengths such as Green,yellow and Orange. At our company, we have the following wavelength lineups, which can be used in a form suitable for different purposes and target crops.

Triple-band Spectrum


The Triple-band: Balanced-white contains well balanced RGB wavelength, it satisfies both of plant growth and great working environment. The specified spectrum that has been long sales as a basic spectrum of Triple-band


The Red-White spectrum is developed based on balanced white, contains higher red wavelengths. Suitable for fruiting plants, horticulture purpose and supplemental purpose. In recent In-house researchers founds this specified spectrum affects to increase some certain ingredients on some plant species.


The Blue-White spectrum is developed based on Balanced-White spectrum. Focusing on more blue spectrums.
It is effective to increase certain ingredients such as several carotenoids which effect on coloring leaves and plant.

Plant A-type

The new specified triple-band
A-type, Compared with the conventional Triple-band series, it covers wider wavelength ranges include 630 – 660 nm, and it also contains the more infrared wavelength. This new series achieves a longer lifetime by mixed technic of phosphor with previous triple-band series.

Plant B-Type

The new specified triple-band
B-type,Compared to A-type, this spectrum able to enhance more Red/Infrared wavelength as well as green, yellow wavelength. B-type achieves relatively highest PPFD out-put in all triple-band spectrum recipe.

Plant C-type

The new specified triple-band spectrum C-type. Compared to A-type, B-type. This spectrum was developed with an emphasis on the ratio of blue wavelength and red wavelength. Amount of PPFD is less compared with other A, B type, but able to enhance more significant spectrum to plant canopy which according to PAR spectrum. Great perform on supplemental lighting purpose.

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